Java Application Emulator for Windows

Java Emulator

Emulate Nokia games, Sony Ericsson games, Samsung games, LG games, Motorola games and all other manufacturer's mobile java (j2me) games and applications on your PC. Save your time, by testing your .jar files on your computer, before transfer them to your phone.

This software is simple to use, yet widely adjustable. Just download the installer and run it. Follow few simple and strightforward steps to install the emulator.

  • After installation it is possible to set your .jar files to associate with KEmulator.exe under ViewOptionsSystem.
  • Adjust key mappings under ViewOptionsKeyMap.
  • Enable virtual keypad under ViewKeypad
  • Java emulator for PC

    Before download

    It is needed, that you install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your computer, in order to run java content. It is completely free and is easy to download and install from official java website.

  • Download Java Runtime Environment!
  • Download

    After you have installed JRE, download this KEmulator installation package and run it. Follow the steps in installation wizard and install it on your computer. No restart required.

  • Download PC Java Emulator installer (2.51 MB)!
  • It is easy to uninstall the emulator, as uninstaller is included.


    KeNtry wrote:
    I made it and u hav how to put it in fullscren playn' with keyboard
    Prashant wrote:
    This is acool software.I don't know who made this but this is the best software.Thankz...
    Tanmay Singhal wrote:
    this software is cool......... now i browse with opera in slow speeed!!!!!
    Nolan wrote:
    Get Class Failed. Plz check the input jar or classpath.

    Not really sure why it isn't working. :/
    ViveK kumar wrote:
    "Get classes Failed plz check the

    input jar or classpath "

    How to fix it this Problem
    Tricky wrote:
    Hi Sir I don't know who made this emulator but please try to make a emulator for windows phone games
    Vijay wrote:
    Thankyou wery much
    the cool Keumulator
    fayas khan wrote:
    This is working thankz....
    rahil wrote:
    it works but i wanted to play games by keyboard
    yusuf wrote:
    is it meant 4 windows phone

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